Congenital Ptosis: Patient’s Surgical Experience with Dr. Sean Paul in Austin, Texas

Earlier this year, Dr. Sean Paul had the pleasure of meeting an incredible patient who was born with congenital ptosis. Although the correction of congenital ptosis is one of the most difficult challenges ophthalmologists face, Dr. Paul knew that this procedure would greatly enhance his patient’s quality of life. After careful discussions with the patient and their family, Dr. Paul was trusted to perform ptosis surgery (frontalis sling) on his patient. This type of surgery is useful in instances where the levator function is very poor. In this procedure, the eyelid is coupled to the frontalis muscle using a sling. The surgery went very well and the patient along with their family couldn’t be happier with the results.

Below you can read about his experience and see the incredible before and after photos as well:

congenitalptosisbeforeandafter“I have congenital ptosis in both eyes. My entire life I felt like my eyes were a source of character and I’d learned to love and live with them. But at 27 years old, I started seeing a difference in my vision and my posture. Mostly, difficulty focusing when driving at night and having soreness in my neck, as my head was always lifted up in order to see properly.
I saw a well-respected facial plastic surgeon to get an opinion, and within a minute he could tell what I needed was a functional surgery, not cosmetic. The first doctor he recommended was Dr. Paul and within a few months I was shaking Dr. Paul’s hand for the first time.

After two meetings with him going over the surgery, meeting my parents to discuss outcomes and risks, and then going over what the recovery would be like, my decision was actually obvious. Even with as big of a decision as this is, I knew I wanted to go through this and I knew Dr. Paul was the right doctor for me.

Four months later, I can say the outcome is great. My eyes are lifted, my vision and posture make life a lot more comfortable. And my friends and family love the change.
At least for me, the recovery process is the most stressful part of the surgery. Dr. Paul made it smooth. He made sure I felt as little pain as possible and he recommended the drops and ointment that really did the job. And if I sent him an email at 8pm on a Saturday asking a question, I could expect a reply or a text back really quickly.

Dr. Paul is one of the most intelligent, professional, and empathetic doctors you’ll find. He is the kind of doctor that ensures you don’t feel like you’re going through the process alone. Even if it’s just for an opinion, I would recommend anyone to contact Dr. Paul, you’ll will feel better about yourself and your situation having done so.”

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