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Ear Lobe Repair

A surgeon once said that a normal ear attracts no attention. People only notice abnormal ears. Previously the most common reasons for ear lobe repair were due to aging ears or trauma. After years of wearing earrings (especially heavy ones) the ear lobes can get stretched out. Now we commonly see ear lobes that have been stretched out intentionally via gauging of the earlobes. In mild cases dermal fillers can be successfully used to add volume and firmness to the ear restoring a more youthful appearance. In more severe cases surgery is done to correct the earlobe and restore it to its natural appearance.

What to Expect

During your initial evaluation your ear will be examined to determine the best approach. If filler is selected it can sometimes be done the same day. If surgery is required, then your surgery will be scheduled at a later date. The surgery can usually be done under local anesthesia in our office minor procedure suite. It is highly recommended that you bring someone with you to drive you home and if you receive any relaxing medications then it is required.


Most patients feel very comfortable in returning to work after 1-2 days, but some patients take up to a week off. Pain is typically mild and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. Maximum bruising and swelling occurs 48-72 hours post-surgery and begins to subside on the fourth or fifth day after surgery.


This varies depending what procedure you need. It is considered a low risk procedure with mild infection and scar formation as the main risks of the procedure.